Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Wednesday 19 June 2013, again

This posting if for Peggy Brown, if you are reading.

Lynn Henrichsen, the BYU professor who taught us ESL (English as a Second Language) teaching skills at our BYU seminar,
came to visit. He was on a 4-week research assignment and spent a week on the campus here in Guangzhou.
He attended our classes, took videos and then had fun with us, especially Don who hiked him all over the city.

As it turns out, he is a good friend of Peggy Erickson Brown, and was excited to inform us about that after he returned home.
As we always say, "What a small world!"

This year has put me in contact with others that make us say, you know, "What a small world!"

Cathy Lewis, a BYU teacher from Las Vegas, is a Burgess who was raised in Vancouver.
She and her husband, Rex, are friends of our friends, Craig and Nancy Porter. When Cathy mentioned a hand bell choir,
I said, "That has got to be Nancy Porter." She has relations in Cherry Grove and a brother in Bow Island.

Andrea Pucket was raised in Glenwood and is a good friend of my cousin, Judy Davidson Burbank. There is always a bond with someone
from close to home. I think she may be the aunt of Devon Kutch.

Janet Stainton, our branch president's wife, has a sister in Calgary. They are from Yorkshire, England and they have a son who has just
been accepted into a PhD program at the University of Calgary.

Judy and Brent Harwood, also BYU China teachers, are good friends of one of the Brown boys from Taber.

Terri Ryan is a Beazer! What a surprise! She has been a good friend from another campus here in Guangzhou. Just last week she
mentioned that one of her grandfather's, or great grandfather's brothers, came to Canada and started a village called Beazer.

One of the owner chefs at a restaurant had just returned from looking at buffalo, to serve, in the Calgary area.

The owner of a favourite restaurant is from Afghanistan and Brad Hertz started speaking fluent Arabic with him.

A couple on the elevator were from Toronto.

When far away from home, these what-a-small-world-moments mean a lot.
Everyone asks where we are from, and we answer "ja-na-da," with the accent on "da," very proudly.

Peggy, here is Lynn with us on the second photo. (I just like this first one.)

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