Friday, 21 December 2012

Friday 21 December 2012

We have explored the city this week, going to a few previously unvisited places.

One stop was the clothing market near the main Guangzhou Train Station. The metro escalator photo is from
that excursion. That is what 15-30 million people in one city looks like. You may think that the numbers are not
very precise, but that is the count. At any time there may be double the number of people who officially live in the
city. Thirty million is almost the population of Canada, if you want a comparison. The market was fun but overwhelming.
It covered blocks and blocks. There is also a "Where's Waldo" picture for you.

Today we just returned from visiting the South China Botanical Garden and it was sprawling and perfect. We are
not botanists, but could appreciate the wonder of it all. It had about every plant imaginable from desert to Antarctic to tropical
plants. We want to return when the orchids are blooming. Getting there was the main adventure as it required both the metro
and buses plus help when we took bus #39 in the wrong direction.

Congratulations to Jordan and Caitlin on the birth of Lauren Josephine. People all over the world are happy for you.

We hope that little Ivy is doing well and we are proud of Nena and Jeff for being such good parents.

Fraser, sorry about your chin stitches.

Alisa, good luck with the donkey at the Nativity.

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wendy said...

Donkey at the nativity...ha ha, that sound intriguing.
WOW...that is A LOT of people. I think it would make me crazy.

Just wanted to wish you and Don a great Christmas !!! Such wonderful experiences you are having.
I know you must be missing your family somewhat at this time....but you know you'll see them soon.
That is a happy thing.
love from me